So, it’s been one week since I met with the dietician. I haven’t written about it because while everything she said made since while I was there…..I am now 100% lost. She said we were doing really well with counting our numbers daily, and keeping active food journals. She said I shouldn’t discount walking the dogs as exercise or the work I do at my job. My Doctor had led me to believe that my job wasn’t actually exercise because it doesn’t get my heart rate up fast enough, however I beg to differ. I made the comment today to a co-worker that I wanted to get a heart rate monitor and wear it to work to actually see what we’re doing.

Anyways, the one thing the dietician clued me in on was how many calories I should be getting. I had no clue and had been anywhere in the 1500-1700 range. She said I should be getting 1800 calories a day!!!! However, she also said she wants me to watch my carbs. Not Atkins watching or anything, just cutting back a little. She sent me home with all this paperwork and meal plans to look over. I was very excited at first. When I sat down Thursday night to plan this weeks meals and to make the grocery list, it took me 3 HOURS!!! It normally takes me 1 hour at most. I feel so lost now. I feel like this works for someone who’s eating chicken and vegetables at every dinner. However, I’m not. I’m a recipe cook. I love to cook new recipes and when I’m making something, yeah I can see how many total carbs are in a serving, but that’s not how she wants me to do it.

I have two different worksheets I can use. One breaks in down by meal. For example, each breakfast should have 3 carbs, 1 protein, and 1 fat. Lunch would have 4 carbs, 3 proteins, 1 fat, and 1 veg….and so on. Another worksheet has slots for 14 carb choices, 8 protein choices, 5 vegetable exchanges and I think 3 fats, per day. So when I’m making a recipe that has 8 ingredients and 4 of them have some sort of carb just get confused on how many carb choices the recipe counts as.

Also, I really like my food journal and tracking my numbers that way. I know I can have 225 grams of carbs per day and wonder if she’d just let me do that. It also seems like it would save me so much time.

I have to sit down tomorrow and send her an email with my concerns and questions before I get too much further in the program. I go back for a follow up in 2 weeks.

In the meantime I don’t feel like I’m losing any weight what so ever. I have been eating very well and exercising but I feel like nothing is happening. My scale at home is not reliable at all so I need to look at getting a new one.

This is such a struggle and so far I’ve been doing okay fighting through it. I just wish it was a little bit easier.