Keep on Moving

Well I’m just chugging right along over here. I was faced with a food situation Thursday….I opened my bag when I got to work to put my lunch away and discovered I had grabbed Mikes sandwich instead of mine. His had turkey and mustard…yuck!!! I hate mustard. I was so disappointed in myself and felt a little bit of panic inside. I had been doing so good, bringing all my planned out food to work, now what was I going to do?!?!

I knew that I was making a broccoli and potato frittata for dinner which had very low numbers. So, I ended up going to Qdoba and getting my usual Naked Burrito. I know these situations will happen so I have to know how to deal with it.

I guess the only big problem I’m having is that I am still always hungry. 10 minutes after 2 servings of dinner tonight and I was hungry. I tried to ignore it. I cleaned up the kitchen then took the dogs for a walk. It just got worse. So I went with a bowl of fat free vanilla yogurt with a little bit of granola mixed in. It’ll put me slightly over on my calories for the day but it’s better than some of the other choices I could have made.

I have my appointment with the dietician on Monday. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to say. I’m also kinda hoping she is going to weigh me. My scale at home has me down 10 pounds from where I was on July 14th at the doctors office. I know that can’t be right.

Hopefully I’ll be able to come home with some weight loss….I’d take 3 pounds at this point.


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