I hate the word diet. To me a diet has a beginning and an end. Diets never last, and not many are successful.

This is a total lifestyle change. A year ago in my fridge you’d find a door full of condiments, soda, eggs, butter, milk, and other full of fat not good for you items. I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate, well I did, I knew that not much of it was good but I didn’t really care. I figured I was so far gone there was no point to try and change. “I’ve always been a big girl” I’d think. Big bones and all that nonsense…..

If you open my fridge today you’ll find skim milk, light cheese and butter, and tons of fruit and veggies. You won’t find much red meat but lots of turkey and chicken. Long gone are the processed bags of chicken nuggets, and tubs of ice cream. I have to make conscience decisions every day about my body. I cannot fail this time.

Mentally today was a bad day. I was so angry and stressed at work that all I wanted to do was run to the snack machine and get a candy bar. It’s a good thing my office is on the opposite side of the building from the break room and I never have to go there at all. Anyways, instead I stuck to my plan for the day and only ate the food I brought from home. I was starving by the time I got home. The husband and I went to Qdoba for dinner then Orange Leaf afterwards for some frozen yogurt. For the day I’ve come in under all my numbers (calories, fat, and cholesterol). My blood work from last week should be back this week and hopefully that’ll show a decrease in my cholesterol from January.

Well here’s to a better tomorrow.


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