So this is where it all begins

Just like millions of other people out there I have struggled with my weight. I have done this diet, and that diet. Always successful with losing weight but also always successful with gaining it back.

In October of 2010 my doctor tested my blood for Hypothroidism and it came back positive. I was started on hormone replacement medicine at once. I was also told that I HAD to lose weight. I instantly put the husband and I on a low fat/low cholesterol diet. When I returned to the dr in January, I was down 20 pounds!! I returned to the dr last week and was only down 2 more pounds….in 6 months!!!!

I have to go see a dietician and am waiting for the referral for that. Starting tomorrow every single thing that I eat or drink is being written down in a mini spiral that I can carry in my purse.

I have to do this, not just for myself but for my husband, and also for our future children.

It’s time to get serious.


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